Feel Good Crete           

             Νιώστε καλή Κρήτη


                                       Dutch couple, she licensed Yoga-teacher and he licensed running teacher organise yoga courses and classes, running courses and classes and walks on the Apakoronas.

Yoga, mind fullness or meditation in the yoga studio in Souri or on the beach.

The running-courses, on different levels from starter to mediate runner.

The walking trips are specially for walkers who likes to make a smaller walks.

                           We do speak Dutch, German and English.


There is no yoga from 18 januari till 25 januari (week 4)


Every Tuesday and Wednesday morning 10 a.m.


Every other week if there are two or more, max. 6 persons







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    Zion National Park superintendent Jock Whitworth said staff members began opening gates and removing barriers and expected to have the park fully operational Saturday.States to pay to reopen national parks during shutdown

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    His best asset is is heavy slap shot, reportedly clocked in at 98 MPH. He has great defensive instinct as he is a converted D-man, and has some good, not great speed. However he isn’t used to playing the wing yet at this point in his career, so he still has a lot of work to do.

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    Executives say vague wording in Japanese labour law givesjudges broad discretion in settling cases and puts a relativelyheavy burden on managers to prove they have made a concertedeffort to avoid cutting staff.

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    The conditional nod from China comes after Baxter secured EUregulatory approval on July 22, having pledged to sell off theCRRT business, including supply deals and intellectual propertyrights. The CRRT division accounts for about 2 percent ofBaxter’s renal product sales.

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    Pelini said he did not know the identity of the person who leaked the audio. Asked for his feelings on the tipster, Pelini said: “I don’t want to go there. It’s not even worth commenting on. I think everybody out there knows there was an agenda.”

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    A spray-painted mural by the artist called “Slave Labour,” which was taken from a wall in London, was pulled from an auction in Miami in February along with another work following questions about ownership. It later sold at a private auction for $1.1 million in London, according to media reports.

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    Chief Inspector George MacDonald said: “The success of Operation Maple is down to the information we continue to receive from the public, and the positive results of the warrants we’ve executed in the city highlight what can be achieved when we work together.

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    PHNOM PENH, Cambodia—Violent clashes erupted in the Cambodian capital on Sunday, leaving one protester dead and several wounded as thousands gathered to challenge strongman premier Hun Sen’s disputed election win, witnesses said.

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    They are nothing more than a nicotine delivery system — just as nicotine gum, nicotine patches, and nicotine inhalers. E-cigarettes do not fit the standard definition of “smoking.” Yet the government is desperately searching for a way to tax e-cigarettes. Apparently they have chosen to try and rile the public up so they can slip this thing through.

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    Xi arrived Friday in Kuala Lumpur for a state visit to Malaysia where he said China and Malaysia share extensive common interests. Malaysia is China’s largest trade partner among Southeast Asian nations and Xi is expected to use the visit to boost trade even further.

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    The consultants' letter comes on the day AMs on the public accounts committee will hear evidence from the health board's senior managers following a recent damning official report into mismanagement.

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    “That could change if new information emerges, but I’m not expecting that to happen at this point,” Steele said late Tuesday. “It’s a good reminder of why our athletes need to avoid putting themselves in situations where things like this can happen.”

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    Consider how the wreck (not an “accident”) began. One of 5 engines caught fire. The engines had been left unattended by the one man crew. The firefighters extinguished the fire and had to shut off the engine. They notified the MMA dispatcher.

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    Said Rodriguez in a statement: “I am disappointed with the penalty and intend to appeal and fight this through the process. I am eager to get back on the field and be with my teammates in Chicago tonight. I want to thank my family, friends and fans who have stood by my side through all this.”

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    And House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., who has ushered individual immigration bills through his committee, has drawn a line against a “special path ” to citizenship for immigrants who are living in the U.S. illegally already, but left the door open to some sort of legal status.

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    William will now have a “transitional” year before he formallytakes on a full schedule of public duties, during which he willtake time out to contemplate exactly which charities to lend hisbacking to. The palace said he currently has a particular interestin the preservation of endangered species.

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    China’s annual GDP growth slowed to 7.5 percent in April toJune – the ninth quarter in the last 10 that expansion hasweakened – putting pressure on Beijing to quicken reforms ratherthan slow them to take up the economic slack.

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    The tiny actress and mother of Olive, five, and Elula, two, also insists that although she watches her weight she never had any issues during her pregnancies, saying: ‘I do watch my food, but I’ve been blessed in that I never had any body issues during pregnancy. I loved being able to eat whatever I wanted and the whole experience of giving life.

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    Before today’s trading update, analysts had been forecasting an annual pre-tax profit of about £72 million, and Shore Capital analyst Greg Johnson said the broker had now pencilled in a figure of £76.1m.

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    Now, everyone can use a bicycle to get around Moscow. The long-awaited public rent-a-bike service has opened. For now there are several dozen stations, but more will be built soon, because demand is so high.

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    The researchers first calibrated their system using healthy patients. They recorded TMS responses in waking subjects, and then used the brain activity from people in deep sleep or under different types of anesthesia as a reference for unconsciousness. There was no overlap in scores between conscious and unconscious subjects, suggesting a potentially useful cutoff or threshold for consciousness, somewhere between the highest unconscious score (0.31) and the lowest conscious score (0.44).

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    The 178,882 apartments in 2,597 buildings are maintained about half by a yearly subsidy from the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development ($934,041,977) and about half by rent the tenants pay ($968,346,199). Sequester-hit HUD also sends another several hundred million dollars a year for capital expenses.

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    Angola, Argentina, Cote d’Ivoire, the Dominican Republic,Ecuador, Gabon, Greece, Grenada, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria,Paraguay, the Solomon Islands, Venezuela and Zimbabwe have alldefaulted or restructured their debt in the past decade,according to the GlobalWorks Foundation, a pro-trade non-profitgroup in Washington.

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    The CFTC, in its case, charged the bank with violating a prohibition on manipulative conduct when it traded in the credit default swaps that the bank had built an outsized exposure to by early 2012 and then needed to quickly exit to try to minimize the losses.

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    Nine women, including a university dean and a retired Navy rear admiral, have gone public in the past month with accusations that Filner cornered them and made unwanted sexual advances that included groping and slobbering kisses. At least five renewed their calls for Filner to resign after he pledged to begin therapy.

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    ** The Philippines is set to reject the lone bid itreceived on Thursday for a contract to build a $1.4 billionelevated railway extension project in the capital, the biggestinfrastructure project to be put on the auction block by theAquino government, a senior official said.

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    Labour gave a dossier detailing the allegations to detectives in Scotland but it has now been decided that there is not sufficient evidence to bring a criminal case against any individuals for fraud.

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    Cooper is named as a defendant and is the state’s lead designated attorney in a lawsuit filed by several same-sex couples that was recently expanded to challenge the constitutionality of the amendment in light of a U.S. Supreme Court decision over the summer.

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    The proliferation of bandwidth-hungry smartphones and tablets has U.S. wireless carriers clambering to gain access to more airwaves. Clearwire was recently part of a tug a war over its valuable spectrum between Sprint and Dish Network Corp.

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    “We feel that since the crime was committed in France, thereal interlocutors are the French authorities. They must respondto the Turkish requests for information,” said Meral DanisBestas, a lawyer in Turkey for the victims’ families.

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    Billy Hayes, boss of the 200,000-strong Communication Workers Union, said: “Some of the lowest-paid workers are being cheated out of their rights to equal pay by cynical employers intent on keeping their wages low.”

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    George showed up for the news conference in a nifty gray suit, dapper shoes, trendy eyeglasses and neatly trimmed hair. But he didn’t sound different from the blue-collar guy who has been impressing Pacers coaches and teammates since he was taken 10th in the 2010 draft.

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    “I think investors right now are contemplating what is theimpact on consumer confidence, revenues and earnings ifWashington gets caught up in a quagmire,” said Fred Dickson,chief market strategist at D.A. Davidson & Co. in Lake Oswego,Oregon.

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    His tune-up for the simulated game included hitting off a tee and taking soft-toss in the batting cages, taking batting practice and infield practice, and running the bases. A-Rod ran sprints to first base, first-to-third, second-to-home and first-to-home.

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    A box of Panadol pain relief tablets is seen at a pharmacy in a photo illustration in London July 24, 2013. British drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline, rocked by charges of corruption in China, is expected to try and reassure investors about its business prospects when it reports quarterly results.

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    “It’s a recognition that the things they’ve done so far, especially with Windows 8 and devices like the Surface, haven’t been enough to guarantee them a successful transition to the post-PC world,” Michael Turits, an equity analyst at Raymond James, told the Daily News.

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    Putin has not yet replied to Obama’s snub, but most experts found it hard to see how he could spin it in his favor. “He can again say that he did not bow to American demands, that he did not obey,” says Alexander Konovalov, an expert on U.S.-Russia affairs at the Moscow Institute of International Relations. But that message has grown hackneyed over the past year of bickering between Moscow and Washington, so it will not earn him many points with the domestic electorate, adds Konovalov.

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    “No one wants to be caught short if there’s a suddenresolution of the fiscal impasse, so every time the dollar takestwo steps down, it tends to take one step back up,” said aresearcher at a foreign exchange market research firm in Tokyo.

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    “The brokerage business has suffered for a long time, andthat’s why I’m sure the new rules are key to help them find abusiness niche,” Figueiredo, who also oversees 2.5 billion reaisin assets for Mauã Sekular Investimentos, said at an eventsponsored by Brazil’s banking federation Febraban.

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    The writer wishes it poked a deeper satirical take on his home city but GTA a British import that is designed around perception of American Cities, towns, and culture. The series isn’t an inside joke, it’s an outside commentary on how we come across through our exports and philosophies (Media, Entertainment, and Political Movements).

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    “I’m not really in transition anymore,” she says. “Most of the (series) I’d been in for a long time, I was like, ‘One more year, two more years. Don’t rock the boat, do the best you can.’ Now I’m like, ‘Holy crap, I’ve got to make this right.’ (Sprint Cup) is it for me, you know? It needs to be better because I’m not waiting for the next thing. This is it. Or there won’t be a next thing.”

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    Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman says the companies will pay more than $350,000 in fines after an investigation found that firms “had flooded the Internet with fake consumer reviews on websites such as Yelp, Google Local, and CitySearch,” according to a press release from his office.

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    Akbar Torkan, the interim chief of Iran’s space program, told state media on Sunday that past delays are the result of budget issues. The country is currently under severe Western-led international sanctions aimed at its oil income and curbing its nuclear ambitions.

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    He should know. The actor has seen his share of tabloid headlines after his very public breakup with actress Demi Moore, and his current relationship with his former “That 70s Show” co-star Mila Kunis has also been widely publicized.

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    “The frank reality is that I do not know what is going to happen with Jhonny, but with this move, we now feel well protected if there is a long suspension,” Tigers general manager David Dombrowski said.

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    The system is presently being fitted in a number of taxis in Tokyo and, after the results of the trials are analysed, the detectors will be rolled out throughout more cab companies before the end of the year.

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    Last week, the interim principal told the BBC that he had not received any complaints from colleagues regarding the dress code and that pupils were not being segregated, with girls and boys being treated equally.

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    Thursday’s attacks follow a big prison break Sunday at the notorious Abu Ghraib prison – now under Iraqi government control. At least 250 prisoners who have been linked to terror groups were released and are now back on the streets. 

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    Earlier this month, health insurers complained of problems displaying basic information about the plans they will sell on federally run exchanges in 36 states. Among states that will run their own exchanges, Colorado, Oregon and the District of Columbia pared back their launches to address technical problems.

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    Cuadrilla is the only company to have fracked a shale gaswell elsewhere in Britain, making its activities a target foranti-fracking protesters, who have been close to the site sincedrilling started in July.

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    “The 227 hyperdominant species include both shade-tolerant, typically large-seeded climax species with dense wood and shade-intolerant, small seeded pioneer (species) with light wood,” they observed.

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    “The ISM suggests were not going to see a significant pullback in GDP this quarter,” said Ryan Sweet, a senior economist at Moody’s Analytics in West Chester Pennsylvania. “I think the Fed will look at the ISM and auto sales. On net, the signs are encouraging.”

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    O’Reilly goes on to say that the group hatched a plan to claim that Armstrong suffered from saddle sores and took a corticosteroid cream for it. She claims the men set out to obtain a backdated prescription from team doctor Luis Garcia del Moral, who has since been banned from sports for his complicity in the team’s doping program.

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    Under intense U.S. pressure, Caro Quintero was arrested along with the two other heads of their Guadalajara-based drug organization, splitting the monolithic cartel into smaller groups, including the Sinaloa cartel that has come to dominate Mexican drug trafficking along the Pacific Coast and much of the rest of the country.

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    Ono said that an estimated 1,972 plant workers, or 10 percent of those checked, had thyroid exposure doses exceeding 100 millisieverts — a threshold for increased risk of developing cancer — instead of the 178 based on checks of 522 workers reported to the World Health Organization last year.

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    Put it this way: the Mets could sign Shin-Soo Choo and a hold-the-fort veteran pitcher such as Scott Feldman, trade for Tulowitzki and pay the three of them less next year than they were paying Johan Santana, Jason Bay and Frank Francisco this year.

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    The combustible couple, who live in Montville Township, were charged in a 39-count indictment with conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, bank fraud, making false statements on loan applications and bankruptcy fraud. Each faces up to 50 years in prison if convicted of all charges.

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    A movie theatre owner has banned Madonna from his Texas-based chain because Madge was texting during the New York Film Festival premiere of “12 Years a Slave.” And when a fellow filmgoer asked her to stop, she reportedly snapped, “It’s for business … enslaver!”

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    Ivory suffered a hamstring injury against the Bills, so Powell could be the main guy for a while. According to Ryan, Ivory injured the same left hamstring he hurt in training camp, but in a different spot. Should Ivory, who was signed by the Jets in the offseason, miss Sunday’s game in Tennessee, Alex Green would fill in.

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    The summer protests presented one of the biggest challenges to Erdogan’s rule since his Islamist-rooted AK Party first came to power a decade ago, spiraling out of a demonstration in late May against plans to redevelop an Istanbul park into a broader show of defiance against his perceived authoritarianism.

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    “We are not trying to reinvent anything, but want to grow into the future of spaceflight,” says Bob Mitchell, president of the Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership that works with Nasa to identify potential partners. “Houston is the home of human space exploration.”

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    Some days, you just can’t get to the gym. Maybe you’re eyeball-deep in schoolwork or, if you attend a university located smack dab in the middle of the South, like I do, maybe you can’t bear the march across that sun-blasted campus to the student rec center. Heck, maybe you just need a lazy day.

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    “The electronic advertising billboard featuring a video from the Marijuana Policy Project is not affiliated or associated with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway,” the statement said. “The billboard is not located on speedway property or on any property over which IMS has control.”

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    During the gravity assist, the spacecraft’s JunoCam, a wide-angle color camera, will snap pictures of the Earth and moon. Weather permitting, skywatchers in India and South Africa with binoculars or a small telescope may see Juno streak across the sky. Ham radio operators around the globe were encouraged to say “hi” in Morse code — a message that may be detected by one of the spacecraft’s instruments.

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    Boeing (BA) plunged 4.7 percent to $101.87 for the biggest retreat in the Dow. London Heathrow airport closed to flights after a fire involving a Boeing 787 jet operated by Ethiopian Airlines Enterprise, while a second Dreamliner was forced to abandon a trip with technical issues.

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    BG is working to raise flagging production in its Egyptian fields, but in the second quarter, more gas was diverted to Egypt’s domestic market, reaching a maximum pipeline capacity of 900 million cubic feet a day (mmscfd) up from 700 million mmscfd in the first quarter, and resulting in reduced supplies for its LNG export operation.

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    The pseudonym “Robert Galbraith” came from Rowling’s love of the first name — she considers Robert Kennedy her hero — and her inexplicable desire as child to be called “Ella Galbraith.” “I’ve no idea why. I don’t even know how I knew that the surname existed, because I can’t remember ever meeting anyone with it,” she wrote. “Be that as it may, the name had a fascination for me. I actually considered calling myself L A Galbraith for the Strike series, but for fairly obvious reasons decided that initials were a bad idea.”

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    Whether it’s Rolle’s team or not, few would argue he has one of the locker room’s most influential voices. Eli Manning is more of a calming presence. The soft-spoken, mild-mannered Tuck is a lead-by-example guy. It’s Rolle who brings the brashness and attitude. Even Tuck admits “We need ‘Trel to be ‘Trel. We don’t need him to be anybody different than that.”

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    “Some companies are paying equal or very slightly more than they paid last year. We have others that are increasing their defined contribution compared to what they spent last year, with and eye to controlling costs in the future,” said Grossman.

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    As minister for regional development, she is responsible for allocating 73 billion euros ($99 billion) of European Union money over the next seven years with the aim of closing the gap between ex-communist Poland and western Europe.

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    The $100 notes returned to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing had a small proportion of notes affected by mashing, which were included with many, good, quality notes.  It’s expected only a marginal fraction of the notes will be unacceptable,” the spokesperson said.

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    Rodriguez reportedly showed up uninvited — with former NFL linebacker Bill Romanowski, who was involved in the BALCO scandal — at Conte’s offices in May of 2012. Conte now owns a legal supplement company called Scientific Nutrition for Advance Conditioning (SNAC) with his daughter, Veronica Conte.

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    In addition, the amount of information that XKeyscore searches and stores is massive. During a 30-day period in 2012, it collected and stored about 41 billion total records, one slide document asserts. That is a testament to the NSA’s growing capability to collect data, leading to the need for a huge new data storage facility in Bluffdale, Utah, which should begin operations this fall.

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    Silent Circle, co-founded by the PGP cryptography inventor Phil Zimmermann, will continue to offer secure texting and secure phone calls, but email is harder to keep truly private, Mr Callas wrote.

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    Abortion is legal for “social” reasons in the first six months of pregnancy. The terms of the 1967 Abortion Act indicate that it is legal to abort a foetus right up to full term if there is a danger of the baby having “serious” physical or mental defects.

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    Rocket Fuel shares touched a high of $62.50, valuing thecompany at $2.03 billion. About 3.9 million shares changed handsby 11:55 AM, making them one of the most heavily traded stockson the Nasdaq on Friday.

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    Does DeJesus have a problem with the process? “The ruling was that he did his 50 games. Go from there. It’s the way it is. I’m not going to have an opinion either way, but I understand that he did his time and now it’s playoff time and he’s allowed to come back. That’s the way it is.”

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    Though he ceased to travel extensively, Davis continued to expound the philosophy of world citizenship. At his behest, Julian Assange received an honorary World Passport in 2012, and Davis made headlines again just a few weeks prior to his death, when the WSA issued a passport to the whistle-blower Edward Snowden.

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    The first way is industrial: At 5 million square feet and covering 332 acres, Willow Run, when built in just five months in 1941, was the largest factory of any kind in the world. It was here, says Lutz, that auto industry production methods were first applied to the building of aircraft on a mass scale. At its height, Willow Run produced one four-engine B-24 Liberator heavy bomber every 55 minutes — 9,000 planes by war’s end. It built more bombers in a month than Japan built in a year.

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    Mr Sabra was also fiercely critical of the international community, accusing it of failing to punish the Syrian government after the 21 August poison gas attack that killed hundreds of civilians near Damascus.

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    Letta’s left-right coalition has flirted with collapse eversince Italy’s top court convicted former premier Berlusconi oftax fraud last month and sentenced him to four years in prison,commuted to a year of house arrest or community service.

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    How about a novel called Cold-War II:We build fences around Muslim countries (which conveniently havecommon borders), we pay our Muslims to go home and then impregnablyseal our borders. After many years of conflictless bliss the Muslimworld is all but forgotten. At first there was gunfire and explosionsand groups of people staring longingly at the border then silencefalls.

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    Madrid will sell up to 2.5 billion euros of three-year and five-year bonds and is basically through its 2013 funding schedule. France will shift up to 8.5 billion euros of medium-term and inflation-linked paper. Despite showing barely any growth and facing questions over its willingness to liberalise its economy, Paris can still borrow for 10 years at less than 2.5 percent.

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    The familiar, consistent clickiness of the series may not make the trip to consoles, but the quest to take down the Devil Incarnate is still just as fun as ever. Developer Blizzard ensures that the game still feels perfectly fluid and it makes a few subtle additions to please the console gamer. The end result is so good that it just may make you ditch the PC version and it charts a new future for the franchise.

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    So, of course, I would prefer it if all batsmen walked, but the reality is that they don’t. Unless everyone walks, it just won’t work. Professional sports people will do what they can to win. That’s what Clarke was doing last night.

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    Unlike West Point, Annapolis and the Air Force Academy, Kings Point is funded by the Transportation Department and did not fall under the “essential military” exception that saved classes elsewhere.

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    Among the advantages is that an annuity can guarantee an income stream for lifetime, so you can’t outlive your money. You can even buy one that allows for income to be paid to a surviving spouse. And, because the insurance company is responsible for investing the money, you have that burden lifted.

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    A: It would appear a little more than $3 million. Braun is making $8.5 million, and baseball’s drug agreement says the number of days of lost pay “shall equal the number of games (excluding postseason games) for which he is suspended.” That would mean Braun will lose 65/183rds of his salary, which comes to $3,019,126. He is signed to Milwaukee through 2020, and his salary increases to $10 million next year — meaning a 65-game suspension in 2014 would have cost him $3,551,913.

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    The facts are that the profits from foreign capital investments were generating so much profit for the stockholders that it induced the US banks and brokerage houses to turn to “creative financing” to sell to ever-increasing stockholder demands for more investment.

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    How does Wednesday’s research fit? Many pathways make up a smoothly functioning memory, and that protein plays a role in turning a short-term memory — like where you left those car keys — into a longer-term one, Kandel explained.

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    Arcadis, which had previously forecast full-year profitgrowth of up to 5 percent, now sees continued growth in thefourth quarter and expects an increase of between 3 and 6percent for 2013 as a whole.

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    Kocherlakota is one of the Fed’s most dovish members, and on Thursday reiterated the Fed should keep interest rates near zero until unemployment reaches 5.5 percent, though he cast doubt on whether the rate truly captures the state of the labor market.

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    In the latest document, the range has been changed to 1.5C to 4.5C. The scientists say this reflects improved understanding, better temperature records and new estimates for the factors driving up temperatures.

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    Lawmakers have seemed at an impasse over raising the debt limit. Democrats want to re-open federal agencies, which have been partially closed since funding ran out on October 1, and Republicans insist any debt ceiling deal includes plans to cut government spending.

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    Strom Thurmond, the late Senator from South Carolina, had read the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and President George Washington’s Farewell address during his fabled 1957 filibuster to block civil rights legislation. That one lasted 24 hours and 18 minutes, still the record.

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    Halfpenny landed 39 of his 44 kicks on this trip, including 17 from 21 amid the extra pressure of the Test series. Not least of the many satisfying aspects of this success is that history will not recall his missed effort from halfway with the last kick of the second Test as a defining moment of the series.

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    At stake, they felt, was the principle of cycling as a test of athleticism rather than engineering, with the cautionary tale of Formula One, where some felt the balance had tilted too far the other way.

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    Abbott said he had ordered his conservative party leadershipto place the Greens behind Labor on ballot sheets, which underAustralia’s complicated system of preferential voting meantLabor could win some finely balanced seats.

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